Pilixo Bodi

Protect your business against: 

•    "Insider threats" 

  • Abuse or theft of company information
  • Improper business conduct
  • Abuse of social media

•    Dataleaks
•    Non - compliance


Bodi monitors your business computers and laptops, pro-actively and real-time.

Bodi alerts you immediately in case of undesirable activities, so you can take appropriate action instantly. 

Bodi registers in HD video and let's you review incidents and suspicious behavior as it happened.

What is Bodi? 

Bodi is an employee monitoring solution from the cloud (SaaS) 

•    Easy to set-up and use
•    Flexible & subscription based pricing
•    No upfront investments or infrastructure required. 


•    Rules engine; You can use "standard" and set up "self-configured" rules and alerts
•    Real time alerts; an immediate alert, or where desired an SMS or email, when a rule is violated
•    Record and review; Real time video recording, that provides context and evidence for violations
•    Storage: Video recordings and data are stored securely and "encrypted" in one place; in the cloud or on your own servers. 
•    Reporting & search; you have access to real-time and periodic reports and statistics, and the possibility of specific searches 

More information: 

mailto: info@venonta.com

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