Venonta is a distributor of carefully selected business IT platforms, suited for SMB (5-2500 FTE) and Managed (Security) Service Providers.

Focus: Our selected platforms enhance the security, continuity and quality of core processes and managed services.

Our partners deliver our solutions to the end-user. 


Venonta provisions end-users through our PARTNER NETWoRK

Venonta provisions SMB customers, 2 - 2500 FTE's through a well selected and diverse partner network, covering the entire market:  

  • Resellers: Sell subscriptions and services directly to end-users.
  • Managed Service Providers: integrate one of our solutions into their managed services offering to the end-user, i.e. Managed Insider threat services. 
  • OEM: integrates and delivers one of our solutions directly into one of their products or software solutions, i.e. integrated insider threat module in Service Management platform. 


A few of our partners: 


The name Venonta is derived from "Venonta paŝo", which means "the next step" in Esperanto. Venonta can help your technology business take the next step into the Benelux, and generate significant revenue. 

Our solutions for SMB (5-2500 FTE) and Service providers


Insider threat detection:

Protect your data & productivity.

24/7 Detection: know exactly where you are vulnerable


  • 50% of data leaks are (unintentionally) caused by employees
  • 70% of all security incidents are caused by employees "insiders"
  • Per januari 1s 2016, Dutch organizations are bound by law to report data leaks, including details of the cause, impact and scale. Furthermore, they are expected to have reasonably taken measures to prevent such leaks. 

Implementing detection, and protecting your company against dataleaks and insider threats may seem complex and expensive, it is not the case: 

Pilixo Bodi is an easy to configure and use SaaS plaftform for SMB's and IT service providers, that monitors your organisation and employees 24/7 for risky behavior and actions. 

Super fast, flexible en affordable remote control

for PC's, tablets en Mac

next generation HTML5 Technologie

Ideally suited Managed Service Providers: 


  • Cross browser support
  • Super fast, proven technology
  • Easy to use & intuitive
  • Unlimited "unattended access" devices
  • Affordable, Eur. 100,00 per administrator per year