Our solutions for SMB (5-2500 FTE) and Service providers


Insider threat detection:

Protect your data & productivity.

24/7 Detection: know exactly                                                                         where you are vulnerable

  • 50% of data leaks are (unintentionally) caused by employees
  • 70% of all security incidents are caused by employees "insiders"
  • Per januari 1s 2016, Dutch organizations are bound by law to report data leaks, including details of the cause, impact and scale. Furthermore, they are expected to have reasonably taken measures to prevent such leaks. 
  • 24/7 monitoring of risky behavior and actions by employees
  • Alerts immediately in case of risk or incident
  • Captures incidents in HD video, for replay, to provide context and evidence
  • Easy to configure and intuitive
  • Supports multi-tenancy for MSP's



Super fast, flexible en affordable remote control

for PC's, tablets en Mac 


  • Cross browser support
  • Super fast, next gen HTML5 technology
  • Easy to use & intuitive
  • Unlimited "unattended access" devices
  • Affordable, Eur. 100,00 per administrator per year